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Things Are Getting Quiet

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Hi all,

Looks like the surface fishing option is rapidly diminishing :( . It was a pretty good day on the water, being overcast and a good ripple on the water. The wind dropped for a while, which made it a lot harder, but the fishing in general was a lot tougher.

Tried a few different lures today. NW Pencil in yellow:


NW Pencil in Blue/gold:


Bevy Pop in yellow:


Also caught fish on Surecatch 'olde faithful' popper, Surecatch Orange and Gold popper and Bubble Pop 45 in Red and Gold. Sadly, Deno purchased his first NW Pencil (yellow) this week and christened it on a couple of nice fish. He was then 'slammed' by an absolute brute, and he and the NW parted ways. :mad3: Dene said "Goodness me!", or words to that effect :whistling: Would have loved to have seen the fish, because it had his Stradic rattlin' drag like nobody's business.

On the upside, Dene discovered that he could 'walk-the-dog' with his new Bevy Pop! :thumbup::thumbup: Deno caught some good fish using this method, so the loss of the yellow pencil wasn't felt as badly. I was pleased to catch some good fish on the new colored NW, this bloke being the best of the day:


All in all it was a fair day's effort, with the final tally reaching 19. Biiig tides, dropping water temp ... days of surface lures may be on the way out. Plastics time!!!


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Hodgey, I'd be happy with 19 fish on a good day. :074: Some nice bream there, Well done. :thumbup:

Pity about Deno's NW pencil, at least he caught a few fish on it before it was lost.

Tuross is a great place to fish, so many options, I'm interested to see if you can catch bream of the surface all year round.



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19 fish !

I would be happy with that !!

Great catch,

Im looking forward to hearing some "how to Plastics" reports.


Geez Hodgey, dont tell me your loosing sprit in the surface fishing.......

A quiet day fishing is better than a day at work!

Nice Breambo's mate!

Cheers Cam

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No wonder he's so good....

You're not related to Kaj Busch are you Hodgey?? :074:

I mean, with that mo and all.......

:Funny-Post: I assure you, Qwyjibo, all resemblance (prowess or appearance) starts and ends with the unruly mo! :074: And you are not the first person to ask! :074:


Edited by Hodgey
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19 fish is still mind blowing in anyones language....

I think a left a bushy's favourite popper in yellow about 15 foot in the air not far from one of your pictured spots back in November when we caught up.....(looks like the same stretch of water that Stewy's Rock Bar is located in)

Since then my accuracy has improved out of sight.

Well done....but I guess you'll be back on the plastics util January pretty soon.

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