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Good Day On The Parra

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Raiders - Had an invite to fish with 1975 (Billy) this morning. On the water ex Wharf Rd ramp about 6 ish. Plan was to get into some bream down Lane Cove direction. As is the way of all good plans (got changed a bit ) ended up up first wetting a line just off Birkenhead point.

Picked a couple of OK bream there around the moored boats and then hooked up to a Kingie - two longish runs ( 10 to 12 secs) with the little Airity on 4lb braid screaming its t-ts off. Got reefed but well and truly awake now.

Spent a few hours fishing moored boats from Fern bay up to Balls Head Bay for another 1/2 doz or so bream the best going 33cm.

Prospected a few more moorings and some Nth side shoreline on the way back to the ramp ended up boating a rat king in one of the bays (just under so back in he went). You gota love catchin Kings on bream gear and cant speak highly enough of the Camo worms in natural. "Kingie bait in a packet".


Got to thank Billy for spotting that fish laying under a yacht hull (must a thought he was a bream or something) - will also replace the landing net we broke getting it in to the boat.

All up a top morning with great company and a dozen or so bream coming over the side and a few good rod benders dropped in close - great 4 hours worth and a fantastic morning to be out for a fish.


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nice work guys sound like a great day had they do go hard on bream gear as i found out with some sort of a mackeral (i think) today.

your really floging the parra river with the new boat arnt ya getting some bloody nice fish to good stuff


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