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Jervis Bay


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G 'day

l am going to jervis bay in this sat (landbased). l never go there before.l want to target some big fish such as tuna.

Anyone have gone there before? can anyone pm me a fishing spot in jervis bay ?

l have seen from the fishing atlas talking about the Never fail,the Ladders ,Devil gorge can target some big snapper.

But it is a dangerous spot...do l need to take a long walk to there?

l hear people say jervis bay has plenty of big fish.is it real?

Cheers terry

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QUOTE(big b @ May 12 2008, 04:21 PM) 238384[/snapback]

I suggest you rent the video land based addiction if you haven't seen it.. awesome movie and it will show you all the spots and what they can catch there. good luck

l have seen that video....but l dont know the video is recording in jervis bay

it seem need long time to walk to there

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the place you seek is called the topido tubes

used to be a landbased torpido station during second ww

havent been there for 10 years

there was a track to the right at the lighthouse parking area

not a bad walk in about 45 mins but walking out is a bugger as it is all up hill

as for a good place to fish yes fantastic about two weeks of the year

unless you have googel earth and a live feed to see the currents up close i would look for an easyer place to fish as it's a long way for not much if there no on and it is packed when it is

i would also give nat.parks a ring and see if you can still fish there as there are some very strange rules down at the bay and i've heard off nat.parks and the police enforcing the strange rules


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Terry mate,be very careful if intend to fish at these spots & they are all long,hard & dangerous spots to get to especially places like you said devils gorge,eve's ravine,the ladder's or point perpendicular.I have been

there & fished them all in my younger days,but i can tell you this time of year the only big fish you can target

is big kingfish as the water is getting cold in close to the rocks,then its a different story trying to land them.

I have seen some really big snapper landed by guys fishing live slimeys set to swim deep,but not enough of

them to seriously put it all the hard work getting there to target them.

At These spots you must get there very early in the morning to catch yourself live slimeys or yakka's,which

means you will be walking in there in the dark,it's not the type of thing i recommend you do if its your first time,they are all very steep climbs in.

I have some mate's that target landbased game on the rock platforms of the north coast & over this last

summer & the previous summer before,have caught plenty of great fish including kingfish,cobia,northern

bluefin tuna,spanish mackerel,mackerel tuna & school yellowfin.These spots are much easier & safer to

get to,they are fished by much less people & you have a greater chance of connecting to some big fish.

Look into it buddy,if i was getting back into this game i would be targeting & putting in the time up on the

north coast platforms from port stephens upwards.

Cheers Terry


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