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Georges River 12th May 08

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on the water by 7.30 am and straight to our spot x

Dad and I rigged up turtleback worms and start casting

slow start for about half an hour or so with only small pickers playing with us

then i get a good strike and i'm on , call it for a bream

this is my first fish on 3 pound line so the drag is a bit loose

eventually land him and it goes 32 cm's, top stuff

over the next hour , the bite hots up and I get a few more bream

Dad gets a small Whiting

later on my reel is screaming and I'm not sure what it is

finally get it near the boat and it's a horse of a bream , quite a few tense moments before it's in the net

the pic doesn't do it justice as it went 41 cm's , a PB for me

Dad finally lands a keeper and it's a good Flattie

then my drag is screaming again and i hold on for about 30 seconds before getting bust off

change to 4 pound and drift over the same spot to be busted off again , JEW ?

Dad then has a spirited fight with Trevor

all in all a top morning with me landing 10 bream , a small Whiting and a small flattie

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Great report robeebee. You and your dad are killing it!

Great collection of bream and a good flattie, not to mention the trev and whiting. :thumbup:

You and your dad make quite a team alright.

However, it's a big mistake putting that picture of your boat in the post because you're going to have a few "followers" next time you go out just to learn exactly what you do and where you go! You might need a disguise! :074:

Well done :thumbup:



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Thats a great session Rob and its nice to see you and your Dad out enjoying each others company :thumbup:

41 cms is a beaut bream in anyones language :yahoo:

Cheers Stewy

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So what do u think about the turtleback worms aye old mate?

the post I made in another thread was a little joke mate

search my threads and you will see i have been using them for a long time

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