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Middle Harbour King

big b

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Got on the water today at around 5 was abit late because my mate didnt show up no worries just means there is more room on the boat and better chance of catching me one.. there were only a couple of boats out and they were all going outside. i got about 6 squid at the spit and decided to head back in middle harbour to drop some livies around bantry and the steps but only pickers destroying my good baits.. headed back around to seaforth where i heard there were a few boats having luck yesterday. Dropped one livey down and one strip bait not one touch for about 30 min when i was woken up by a screaming line.. fought for about 20 min before i saw colour as it closer to the boat i saw there was another king right next to it.. so i decided to wind up my other line to get it closer to the surface.. back to the other rod i got the fish in the boat with his mate right next to him all the way up before i could get that one out of the net the other line took off.. it was on! one in the boat and another screaming line.. didnt land this one but was a nice king maybe a touch bigger than the one in the boat.. The fish was 92 cm which was the boats new record. i suggest not going far the water is warmer in middle harbour and the tide was running out . Of course called my mate to tell him the news and boy was he pissed.. sorry there's no photo.. vinni

it took me a while but i figured out how to get the picture from the phone to the computer. She was 7kg and 92cm . Good luck boys they are out there!


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mate he took the livey and im surprised it was in the water for so long with out being picked at. i dropped another 5 livies and they all got destroyed. Although it could have been a strip bait by the time he got to it.

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