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Hi Raiders,

Soon i will be in the market for a boat. I want to be able to take this thing out to the reefs and maybe a couple of kms out. Not really sure what hull i'm after. This is probably a stupid question.....

What are the different shaped hulls good for? Any help?

Any other tips would be great.

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Hi Hoody, that is a hard question to answer. The best thing to do is either come up or give me a call and we can discuss.

Basically the deeper the deadrise the boat has(measured at the transom) the softer the ride will be but the comprimise is that the stabilty will suffer if a builder goes too deep. For you type of boating you are wnating to do i would be looking at something about the 5M or bigger size and a fibreglass boat being heavy will offer a better ride, but on the flip side they will reuqire more care and being heavier are harder to push thru the water and tow.

What is the budget you have to put towards the boat, because this will determine wether you go new and get warranty and peice of mind or look at second hand rigs.



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