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That is like asking a magician to show you how he does his tricks!!!

If I were you, I would start researching a particular species. From there, you will be able to learn of the baits, habitat, seasons, tides, rigs etc...

The pages on this website will give you all the answers if you read between the lines. :1prop:

:1welcomeani: by the way!

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mate do you have a boat or you fishing landbased? I have been fishing the hacking river lately up near yowie bay and have been catching some nice tailor and trevally on pilchards on a boat. The key is though you have to have alot of berly out.

I hope this helps.

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mate if you have a boat your more than welcome to tag along with us or if no boat your welcome to jump on mine for a trip or 2

note i dont fish with bait anymore all my fish done with plastics or lures

normally target bream and lizards but do get larger bi catches every now and then

so if your interested give me a yell


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