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Kangaroo Valley

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Hey guys,

Firstly, I have read all your entries and I am picking up loads of tips and lovin it. I am off with the trouble and strife to Kangaroo Valley this weekend and wondering if anyone has tips/ spots for a, please dont laugh too hard, first time river angler?


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Probably not the greatest time to go and have a shot at the wild bass as it is a bit cold.

Look forward to some other peoples opinions.

BTW :1welcomeani: to Fishraider.

Cheers Swordfisherman

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Beautiful spot kangroo valley not a local - have visited - . Think it could well be a very difficult spot to catch any fish. Main reason I believe the river is upstream of tallowa dam. Migratory fish like bass therefore can't get up there easily. Tallowa has been stocked with bass but don't think you can expect high numbers. Its also not prime bass time (generally considered better when circadas are buzzing). Still don't let me stop you - it is possible you could hook bass. If you want to think a bit outside the square you could target eels up there as they get almost everywhere on the east coast- don't know however if many would consider it sportsfishing.

Slightly better odds I'd guess if you head somewhere downstream of the dam or to one of the other little dams behind nowra if your after freshwater fish - or for that matter plenty of saltwater opportuities around nowra.

Best of luck and I'm sure you'll like the place - nice scenery , pub etc - but don't give up on "river fishing" if you get no result

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Afternoon Jackal,

Welcome to Fishraider!

Mate not to blow my own trumpet; but i am pretty experienced with fishing the "Valley".

Matter of fact funny you posted because i hit it up last night just out of pure denial that there really is no bass there this time of year due to the annual spawn to saltwater.

I have caught some of my biggest fish from Kangaroo Valley ranging from Tallowa dam right up the back near Behive point and Bendeela and below down to Grady's and nice EP's around the cliffs and the bridge at Nowra.

Last night when i went the dam wall or the bottom pond i was going to fish was actually fenced off. Until this time next year they are constructing a fish lift to assist in the natural migration of Bass.

Jackal, if you still feel the need for Bass in your life like me buy a tank (like i have) and keep them as pets or go and target them in small tributaries of major systems that have weirs or where the flow is impeeded by debris or even go flick some impoundments.

There is a dam in Jamberoo which used to be the main water supply. This is called Jerarra dam. Its open to vehicles from 5am to 4pm, otherwise you can walk in. I have caught bass there all year round, although winter is a little more quiet, i suggest you use a kayak/canoe to cover more water because its very dense in vegitation .Its free to fish there and its always quiet there. The local clubs get together with DPI and stock it. The stocking list are on the internet.

Mate its a depressing time for me :thumbdown: this time of year so i turn salty and target Jew and Bream and other species, if you need more info send me a PM for my phone number and i will send you to a few nice spots for a bass.

Here is a picture of Jerarra Dam & a Bass from March at the Valley

Hope this helps




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Hi Jackall and :1welcomeani:

I beleive that tallowa dam is a major problem with migratory bass in the kangaroo river,

however I would be bitterly disipointed if there was not a few bass hanging around.

Yes it is not the best time of year as they tend to hibernate for the winter, however did get two on the weekend on surface lures and let me tell you the water was colder than any trout stream.

give it a go and find out, bass don't always follow the rules :074:



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