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New Boat - No Luck

Bar Up

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Well the new Bar Crusher 560 turned up last Friday and decided to go for a run off Botany to see what I could pick up. Stopped off at normal bait grounds and could not even get one livie, off to a terrible start in the new boat.

Cruised out to the first FAD which is a first as I have never had a boat big enough, trolled some skirts past a couple of times with nothing at all, started to drift for a couple of hours and still didn't pick up a thing.

Headed back to the banks and drifted for about 30 minutes and not even a bite.

Decided to head back into the harbour and my father landed the first fish for the boat and the only one for the day. What a shocka.

If only the big ones jumped onto your hook.


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Good member name - is that your new boats name? It should be! I wish id thought of it ;-)

Yep the boat shall be know as Bar Up. Just need to find someone out Penrith way to signwrite it for me if anyone has any tips.

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