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Barra Rod


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Hey everyone, just wanted to find out info on whats a decent rod to stop a barra in its tracks.

I'm heading up north on monday for 6 weeks for work and will definitely have some time to chase fish....barra-fish.

I went and bought a Ian Miller Barra Raider but had to return it as it was a one peice rod and i became aware that we will be travelling on a smaller plane up there so had to exchange it for a two peice.

I chose the Shimano Ian Miller Dam raider over the Barra mauler as a swap, it has a line class of 3-8kgs and seems pretty decent, its slightly "lighter" looking then the mauler. I'll be using an ambassaduer 6500.C4 Baitcaster reel with 20pd braid and 40-50pd leader.

I've basically only fished for flathead and bream with a lighter spinning rod, and caught small jewies, kingies and snapper on a heavier ugly stick with4500 Shimano baitrunner.

This rod "seems" light and i'm a bit puzzled as to what these rods are capable of, especiallyu when were talking the so-called premieer sportsfish, i've never fished for the mighty barra before and was told by the dude at the tackleshop the lighter-ish rod will allow for a longer lure throw on a smaller lure, perfectly understandable but Will it turn a barra round?

Anyone who has used the Dam raider or can help me with some rod tech-talk would be awesome. Also any stories from fishing spots/action up around katherine and darwin would be sweet..

By the way, barra will not be my only target, bring on the black jew...

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Normally you would go for a singled handed rod around 5'6'' to 6'. A stiff tip can be of benifit if you are trolling as the key to success is to constantly jig the lure and a stiff tip will give the lure more action. I wouldn't have chosen a 6500 size reel by the way. A 4500 or 5000 sized reel will hold plenty of 20lb braid and be much easier to cast.

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