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Kayaking / Squidding


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Caught on a $3 sz 2.5 jig. No scent was required (I don't usually use scent). The secret is burley to get some action happening, patch(es) of weed, a kayak to cover ground and polarized glasses !

Been told many times to only go during dusk and dawn but I must have run into an aggressive group of cephs, in the middle of the day.

22cm hood and 60 cm total length. I saw a few of them harassing the baitfish but I was happy with just the one because I think at this size, they are probably breeders. I prefer the 6 inch models anyway as live bait :1prop:

SP's yielded choppers and also a flattie which looked too skinny for the table which I let off to grow a few more cms around the waist.


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Hi Stylo

Must be squid season ...... I caught one on a chubby last week, then a few days ago, had one aggressively attack a Gulp Minnow on a jig head ....... about 10 times!! This went on for about 5 mins before he finally gave up the chase. He was dark brown & kept coming back. I was trying to set the hook, but each time I got him close to the yak, he let go! :):1badmood:

May give it a go on purpose soon - probably won't catch any! :1prop: May even vacuum pack them for bait later on ..... perhaps to convert it into a jewie later on?? :biggrin2::thumbup:



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Tricky when they are that size, not to mention messy ..

Tony .. it's my mates kayak that I borrow, but when I get my very own Hobie, hopefully, and a car with roof racks, I am all for it !!

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Good luck with the squidding. Yaks are very good for that purpose, especially on the southerns in shallow water. Just expect to get heaps of ink and muck all over you and the yak, my yak and PFD have never looked the same since and my bucket is a nice shade of black.


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