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Gday guys

Left the biggerawaters boat ramp this morning with myself, dad my mate jason and dads mate sean onboard hoping to get into some fish before the wind picked up at mid day...which it didnt.

First run was to troll along the breakwalls of the broadwater as the sun came up for GT'S and jacks.

Did 2 runs of each wall with rapala divers for a small bonito.

Also saw a big manta ray frolicking around in the seaway.

Went and had fish just outside the heads to the south for nothing so decided to troll around a few marks we have in about 130 feet of water with small skirts and divers for small tuna which would be used as shark bait later on in the day.....no luck on the trolling..trolled fora bout an hour.

Decision was made to go and fish a reef we marked in the plotter a few weeks ago in 130foot of water.

Upon arrival there wasa few boats already there and one of the boats was hooked up to something of a decent size.

We set anchor and as we were setting up the bloke gaffs a 9kg snapper....monster taken on a full pillie.

We get stuck into fishing set out a burly trail consiting of anything and everything and set a shark line out the back.

Not long into our session sean hooks up to a nice fish that was giving him abit and a few minuites later we land a 41cm tuskfish...yummooo dinner.

Not long after jason who hasnt been out on a boat in over a year goes IM ON and manages to fight a very feisty peice of reef about the size of a baseball to the boat :1prop:

In the following hour we caught a few small pinkies to 30cm, silver trevally to 26cm and dad hooked and busted off on something of a large size.

We had abit of excitement when jason goes OHH $#!T theres a sharkdown there..the burly had attracted a small shark of only a few feet to the boat so i quickly cranked in my shark outfit which had a big smelly chunk of bonito on it and dropped it into the area the shark was patrolling for nothing so let it back out again to do it's thing.

Grabbed another rod and put a pillie on gangs with a wire trace and dropped it down into the burly trail...about 30seconds after dropping it down i see a small shadow cruising around my pilly so i pick the rod up and jiggle it a few times and the small shadow decided he wanted my pillie....seconds later i landed a small remora...after a few happy snaps he was released.

Decided to move onto a different reef we have marked in 130foot of water once the sweep moved in.

Set up all the gear again and for the next 2 hours we managed an array of species from pearl perch, tailor, trevally, yakkas, pinkies and ooglies.

Decided i would go light and throw out a peice of pilly on 10lb 4000sized tredline outfit.....and as it goes i managed to hook up to something of size which took about 8 mins to land yet my 2nd remora about 70cm in size...stocked you betchya.

Whilst fishing on this reef we had an unexpected visit from a freind everyone knows as flipper (the dolphin)

so in with the lines as we watched this huge dolphin cruise around the boat for about 20 mins.

I decided to try and hand feed him a pillie....unsuccessful but i had him coming up to me less than a meter apart a very tame and placid creature so i sat down on the transom and splashed my feet around and he kept coming in close 2 investigate....bloody awsum creature will never forget it.







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Picks are up.

The tuskfish was delicious cooked in butter, lemon, pepper and oregano wrapped in foil thrown on the bbq.....perfect.

The head went into a crab trap and will hopefully bring us a yummy feed of mudcrab :thumbup: .

cheers james

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