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Port Hacking Today


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Well i went too port hacking today, and guess what happened in the morning, yep, i slept in AGAIN, ahhhhhhhhhhhh i was not too happy as it as around 7:30 when we left and i was planning on going at 6 in the morning, there is a 1 fishin time goooooone,

oh well onto fishing, headed too jibbion first, very windy at first, not much action ... then my uncle reels in a little flattie, undersized but still good to see a fish coming into the boat, :smile1:

we where difting very fast and where not getting many more bites, and the wind was howling, sooo we headed too south west arm, ankered up near the shore, and we got into the fish, bang bang bang every cast, all we got was a few little snapper but hey it was something, i lefted my rod in the rod holder, and picked up another rod with a float and small hook, casted it out, 10 seconds later im on, only a little blackfish, but still great fun, little guy ate a prawn, i throught they only ate weed, anyway later on my uncle makes a call that he is onto a good fish, turns out too be a nice leatherjacket, then 5 mins later anothe :fish: r one, and then he hooks a huge leatherjacket, i could see it, it was big, then it bite the hook off, bugger oh well,

then we headed to another spot in south west arm, and my uncle hooks something again, its some weird fish, like a wrasse, did not get a good photo so i am not going to post that photo up,

anyway then we headed off, good days fishing, and some nice fish,

btw i got the photos with the fish again :hysterical:

south west arm






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Hi Cut Loose . Not a bad spot that South West Arm ay. The deepwater areas used to fish very well on hot summer nights. Do you know the little reefy area off Jibbon, the cuttlefish grounds just about opposite the little beach? You have to anchor right over it to do any good and when you strike one, you get twenty. I could only find the spot in one in about five attempts. I have done well in general fishing, anchored where I think is close to the reef. It its about two fifty to three hundred metres out from the little beach. It's not a major reef just an area with structures and peaks where a lot of anchors get stuck. Maybe someone you know up there has Gps marks for it ?


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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