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Jewie Slain!

King slayer

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Twas a calm and fishy morning apon a saturday morn in beautiful middle harbour.

On the water at 3am at Tunks and picked up a few arrows at the spit. Tried to get some yakkas at spit, balmoral, spit again and only got one measly yakka at balmoral.

Set up at our new spot around the morning high tide about 6am in 25m at a spot around seaforth. Wont say exactly where but it is known and we traveled off the point till the channel reached it's deep edge and anchored there.

So out goes the buffet of buterflied mullet, bream fillets, live yakka and live arrow. About 15mins go by and the yakka rod goes twitch...oohh here we go, bounce, bounce and then nothing. Bring it up after a minute and ooh man it happened again the yakka is gone and we have no more. :mad3: Any way thought I'd try a squid head caught last week and kept frozen till now. It goes down and straight away bang it's on! :yahoo: Bringing it up i could barely contain my self cause I had a good idea...and yep there it is in the flesh a real live Jewie and definitive proof that they do exist in real life as well as other guys pics :clapping: . Oh my god I finally did it....so happy. And thanks to all the raiders who offered advice over the past couple of months I've been trying.

So anyway he wasn't huge at 60cms but a Jewie all the same and I called to brag to my other mate who didn't come out and who started this whole crazy Jewie campain!

Got a 35cm tailor on the bream fillet which even though very heavily weighted wrapped it self around all our lines! :mad3: half an hour later all untangled and it was off to look for kings.

Only thing is we couldn't for the life of us find any yakkas, not anywhere! As we pulled up at Manly wharf we hooked onto a nice litle trevally while after yakkas. An old bloke looking down at the water was commentating and he spotted two big kings in our berley, but despite floating our efforts with a live squid floating around and heaps more berley we got nothing more there.

Kept searching for yakkas but not to be. Tried with our squid for kings in a few spots but the wind kicked up around 10 pretty heavily so back to MH for us. More yakka spots on the way back to where we started and guess what? yep nothing. Set the rods out again six hours after the last Jew in the same spot and went to sleep. Hour later woke up to call it a day and brent has a little flounder on that he didn't know about..Quite funny since it was his only fish all day.

All up to take home was 1 Jew 60cm, 1 Tailor 35cm (decided to eat him as punishment fr the knots :1prop: ), 1 Trev 32cm and the flounder. All squid demolished by pickers along the way.

A great day out as usual with a good mate and I'm still grinning about that jew. Can't wait to get into my next one.

Cheers all, hope you did ok too. Any one manage yakkas in the harbour on Sat?


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well done there kingie slayer,

you have now prooved that jew lie in Mh.

My brother and I havent been gettin any after the many hours put in fishing for them but im sure our luck will change eventually just like yours has.

Hope you land a bigger one soon.


Twin 1.


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Well done mate...

nah, its a myth.. they don't exist! I'm sure of it!

Yakka were few and far between on the harbour.. fished from 4pm till about 12am for only 6 yakkas (see my other post). But the yakkas that were caught were huge... way too big to use as live bait. I ended up keeping em and making them into Yellowtail Sashimi :)

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Nice work on catching a Middle Harbour jewfish King slayer. :thumbup: Look at it this way that 60cm jewfish is still a sort after catch and and could have just as easily have been a twenty kilo specimum. Good to see the incentive is there or you in that spot for next time and that in itself will make all the difference to your future focus and thinking. That's the type of spot where you can rest assured there will be other jewfish in the same place around the same time repeatedly and being as it is, it can only get better.

Well done and a good build up on what was a limited bait supply.


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Well done on your persistence and success.

Those of us who went home empty handed so often are an elite band... bonded together by dogged determination, blind optimism, the development of countless techniques to extract snippets of information from otherwise close-mouthed Jewie guns, immune to cold/dark/rain/complaining wives/ridicule from mates, and finally over-the-moon in a completely out-of proportion way to a fish that we could have probably got from the co-op for 1/100th the money and in 1/1000th of the time.

Live long and prosper fellow Jewie tragic. Congratulations on breaking the duck. Now for that 10kg fish and for one on a lure.....

Cheers, Slinky

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congrats on the capture!!! things only get worse from here on, once you've got a taste of catching jew the illness spreads more rapidly and you enter into a whole new level of addiction. Yakka's, squid, lures, tides, moons, time of the day, level of drag on your reels, rigs....running through your mind all day, especially when the :wife: is speaking to you!

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Nice work on the Jewie.

I went out on Saturday with the intention of trying for a jew in MH. Looks like you beat me to it! I was landbased however.

I tried to berley up some yakkas in several spots without any success. After several hours trying, I gave up on the yakkas, went and bought some prawns and settled in at a spot just out from Tunks.

I made up another berley mix and got a bit of a trail going. I wasn't long befroe I could see some sizeable bream coming in for a feed. Shortly after, they were followed by heaps of Trevors. I managed to hook onto a few Trevs and one bream. The biggest Trev went about 45cms. They were great fun on my light gear.

I also had a few Kingys come cruising back and forth through my berley as you did at Manly wharf. They were just out to tease me however and would'nt take anything I threw at them.

I decided to use one of the Trevs as bait and put out a nice strip in the hope that something would come along and find it attractive. No joy however. Maybe next weekend I will have more success in catching some livies and boy if I do, the jews better watch out... :1prop:


Graham. :beersmile:

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king slayer

judging by the description in the report and the photo im pretty sure i know the spot. ive got a mate who fishes there at least once a week depending on the :wife: last fri he landed a 96cm jew. thats the 6th decent size jew his got within the past 2months. he as also got an 80cm+ flathead and 70+ kingy all on live yakkas. so keep it up.


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g day dave.. well done on the jewie mate lets hope we can get some bigger ones around MH this year.. i was told that you wont get any yakkas when its blowin a westerly in the harbour.. thay hate the clean water. good luck for next time cheers vinni

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Well done Dave! :thumbup::clapping:

I have been following your 'journey' through your posts, so it is FANTASTIC to read of your Jewie success! I can imagine you are still 'riding the high', and so you should be. Good luck with your quest to find a bigger model!


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Hey guys,

Thanks for all the kind words.

I forgot to mention he had my yakka half down his throat when i caught him on the squid head! I can feel a metre coming on! Interesting what mark says about that spot with live yakkas eh. I'll stick to that formula thanks...

Anyway, might try a bit of a night time session next week if the wind is ok.

Cheers Raiders!


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