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Pre Fish For The Aussie Yak Championship!


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Hi guys

Was out on the yak today for a bit of a prefish - not quite as windy as yesterday,but still strong enough & rough enough to stop me from going all the way up the Breck Channel to Wallis Island, where I had some plans to mooch around .... Hopefully the wind will drop back tomorrow (as predicted) & I can do the whole route! It was also very cold still & I had my neoprene gear on as well as my wonderscarf! :)

Very disappointing fishing - only got 2 bream (one legal ..... just :biggrin2: ) so can't really complain .... Just hope I do the same tomorrow .... only bigger :) Got him on a chubby. The wind made tossing placcies very difficult! :(


Then I thought I'd snagged some weed & was bringing the lure back to the yak, when it took of backwards!! Yep! I'd hooked a squid, once againon the chubby! :) My first squid on yak! 31cm! I gave him to my fishing buddy Darryl who will hopefully convert him into a Jewie!! :1prop:


Later I hooked onto a massive Longtom (they do like those chubbies!!) He went 65cm! I was very careful this time, holding him in a vice like grip ..... last one I hooked, I ended up with a treble in my thumb & my whole rod & reel overboard! :(


On the way back to the pick up spot, I cast towards my buddy's (ex) boatshed & the darn lure went up onto the Free Spirit & I had to tie up to the pontoon, get across to the boat to retrieve the lure then get back into the yak without tipping over! Any spectator would have thought it hillarious!

Here is one of the flatties I caught on Sat - this one went 44cm - would be happy to duplicate that tomorrow!


For the next 2 days, I'll be throwing hbs & sps around with gay abandon! I even tossed a funny squid fly around & had a hit - don't know what had a go at it, but may as well try it again tomorrow!! I tried the sps, but my accuracy was way off with the wind & even resorted to poppers again & had a few takes!

Cheerio for now


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Quite a mixed bag there Roberta! :thumbup:

By the time the Championship rolls around, you should have all the bugs ironed out, and produce some great fish! Make sure you keep us updated with your progress, with lots of photos. Definitely the time of year for your wonderscarf! :frozen:


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Pretty spectacular fight those longtom's, i hooked one on a small gillies pillie on port kembla beach and it shot out of the water on its tail!

Well done roberta, yes would have been funny seeing you retrive that lure :1prop:

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