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Painful Session

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Got so excited yesterday at work as i was looking forward to a prospectful night of EP fishing. We started flicking around Grenwel point for some Jew for a few hours but one hook up for just a few seconds and then nothing after that. As always flicking around the Regional Jetty at Grenwel Point always turns up fish. Scored a few very small flathead right below us and scoring a instant hook up with a tease of the lure in front of them.

Upon leaving my plastic sit mid water of the jetty for too long gave a massive toad a chance to eat my plastic. This toad would have been 3kg+. I decided to leave the bugger sit on the jetty until he turned into a spalding and then with my water booties on (bare in mind oysters dont cut through them) i gave him a bit of a boot and oooooccccchhhhhh!!! :1yikes: Being slack to toads has its consequences i sufferd two puntures one on the front of my big toe and under the nail of the one next door!!!! It was bloody painful. I dont know if it left its jizz in the wound but the wholes wernt big enough to cause such pain. It dissapated after a while.

There wasnt much size in any of the lizards there so we decided to head over to the coastal patrol jetty seeing though a nice flicking spot over at the Bowlo was locked. After a few solid hits i hooked up on what a first fought like a big lizard but then looked like a whiting and turned out to be a dirty smelly pike..... :mad3:

Flicking around the jetty's there tured up a few tailor, i threw a mong of a cast over to one jetty and snagged and by experience (i say lightly) i decied to do the straight rod huri curi to my line. After three pulls i was shot in the top right hand corner of my chest! I though i had been hit by a paintball!!

My squidgy jig head hook had snapped and the whole lot without the lure had 30m to gather speed and slog me one. I was nearly sick!!!

After two painful episodes we diceided to hit up the EP spot. 1 hour pasted and no EP's. Baitfish everywhere

and alot of action, scored a nice lizard about 40cm, but that was it.

Driving back along seven mile beach road at 1am we spotted a nice landrover with a tree nearly touching the passenger seat.

Two guys said a car pulled out at the Berry intersection along seven mile beach road and they lost control and hit the tree at 70km/h!!!!! What i found unbeliveable was the fact they were talking at all!!! One guy had a saw kneck but other than that ok. The airbags didnt even deploy.

Nice night last night anyway.

Cheerio Cam





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As my old soccer coach always said......"use the inside of your foot".

Nice work on the flatty.

What did you do with the pike?...make a good bait for jew they do.

cheers james

Yes, toe punts arnt a good idea while playing soccer with toads!

Well i rarely use bait for jewies, but i have caught jewies on smelly old pike.


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