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Tagging Estuary Fishes


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Recently there have been several postings regarding the edibility of fish caught from the Cooks River.

And how far fish move daily.

Do you really know what your eating?

Are there tags made for estuary fish? Or can they be adapted?

Could the Raiders whom fish the Cooks area possibly tag these fish with a distinguishable tag specifically for this purpose.

If the fish is then caught at a later date could it be tested for contamination?

Is it possible that any contamination would be purged from the fish after staying in a cleaner habitat?

Not for fisheries data, but say a specific coloured tag with say the Fishraider address or I.D. for the purposes of members feedback and the public, if advertised accordingly.

How much do tags cost?

Would be very interesting and informative.

I would be willing to sponsor for the cost of tags.

Food for thought.

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