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Rossvile Bridge Jewies


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Hey Guys and Girls

I am heading out on sunday as i have nothing on and i am heading to the rossvile bridge. I am looking to target

jewies, flathead, bream and the possible whiting. In need to know where to get live baits up there, are there any live baits, how far from the bridge i position myself for the jewies. for flathead is it worth taking some plastics or just baits along with the bream and whiting.

I am shore based to let you know.


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G'day Steve,

I'm not the person to give you any advice on catching Jewies... leave that to the experts. As for live bait up there though, your best bet is to head further up from the bridge until you get to some of the narrower stretches fringed by muddy/mangrove banks. I was up there a couple of weeks ago and there are some really good schools of mullet getting around.

The best bet for catching them is itsy bitsy hooks baited up with bread or pudding bait and plenty of bread based berley to get them around.

I've caught a few bream and flathead up there and don't just limit yourself to the bridge pylons. It's worth working your way up the banks with soft plastics or getting up to those higher reaches (you can drive most of the way through the park and then its easy walking along the track). There are plenty of good bream and flatties up there too if you don't find any near the bridge.

Cheers, Slinky

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Have a look at low tide and you'll see the flats mud around and know where not to find holes but see where the flathead will hunt on the dropoffs.

I think the google picture was taken at low tide so that might help.

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