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Broadwater Nightfish


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Hi guys

Went out for a night fish lastnight in the broadwater...target JEWFISH.

Fished the run in tide and part of runout on the northern wall of seaway on the SW end of stradie island.

From 6.30 till 1am...landed 1 small fingermark bream, small cod, small moses perch, various ooglies. i burlyed VERY hard from 10.30-1am and attracted a HUGE school of whitebait.

Used a 45cm frigate mackrel butterflyed as bait on 6/0 suicides snelled on 60lb leader dropped off the back of the boat.

Spent about 30mins in the water then ZZZZZZZ the saltist screams like all hell....im hooked up to a feisty bullshark of about 7 foot.......i knew it was going to be short lived using mono trace...lost the bull but to have been hooked up to a creature of that size was amazing.

No picks this time.

cheers james

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:o i wana catch a bull shark

I woke up at 3.50am -.- mates were walking past my house drunk from a nite out going wdf r u doing?


Was crossing seaway bar at 5am and then i realized I LEFT MY GPS AND FISHFINDER AT HOME (1 hr + round trip away) :insane:

Tried the lil reef off spit w/o any luck as couldn't pin point if we were on it or not and had no bites.

Pulled up anchor fished for a bit against north wall and sad to say 1 of my mates got sea sick sitting at the wall :mad3:

Overall tired and going back to bed :thumbdown:

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Hey James.... stop it! I'll be there at the end of the year but I'm starting to get worried you're catching all the fish. You sure seem to be having a great time on the water up there. Probably a good thing you didn't get the shark... I don't think he would have been too happy with you.

Cheers, Slinky

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I wish i hada landed him....well got him to the boat then lassooed his tail then dragged him backwards for alittle while.

My biggest hook up to date...ahhhh well.

The canals are firing with Bream at the moment breeding season.

Managed a few bream around the 25cm mark on pillie fillets this arvo....dad also managed to burly up a HUGE school or garfish and poddy mullet.

cheers james

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