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post-6655-1211699929_thumb.jpghey raiders,hit the heads at 6.30 for a troll went to the old murk at bondi

result 1 bean size bonito ran into a pod flippers grrrrrrrrrrrr thats the second time in a row

zipped over to north head before flipper showed up for zip

on the way in we saw 6 or so ganets[ i think thats what there called] dive bombing near middle head

we start throwing small metal lures for zip

the sounder is showing huge bait balls

we rigged up the 1 kg bait gear with a luderick hook and 1 split shot

well the next hour was the best fishing session i have had in about 2 months bull slimmys 1 every second cast

i love the little fellas on light line they go hard

all fish were filleted for the up coming snapper trip to crowdy head in two weeks


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first 1 went under the boat on 80lb braid

second 1 got a hair cut and went wide on a balloon

neither were touched

one the way home we down rigged 1 slimmy and 1 dead gar to dolroy point and then we were confronted by a sailing race. boats every were[we wer'nt planning to down rigg under the bridge] so we headed home


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