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Any Tips For A Newbie For Port Hacking?


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hello fellow fishos'

new to forum

been fishing 6months on a 2 seater blue viking kayak with electric motor at kurnell oil wharf with good success mainly trevally, few bream

family is sick of eating trev and as a good son i'd love to catch more bream, location is very important for structure.

oil wharf is the only place i pretty much have success in.... from trying the 3rd runway, la prouse, the sticks

fished dolans bay , heaps of drop offs and structure... the water was very clear on a sunny day once 7.30am hit and it was a half run in tide.

3 hrs only a 33cm bream 43cm trev from under a boat in the shades.

any help in location or even which tide i should fish would help alot.

i've read sites but nothing helps more then tips from experienced fisho's

any help would be appreicated!!

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For bream in the Hacking try up against the rocks and little reefs in all the little bays on a run in tide.

Nippers and worms have been going allright apparently.

At this time of the year I would tend to use fresh strip baits (mullet or tailor).

A 2/0 hook with a short trace and a running light sinker.

Just let your bait drift around the small points and over the rocks as the tide runs up and you should go OK.

Use the same rig with nippers on the sand flats where there is light weed cover (west side of Miainbar is a classic) on the drift for flathead.

If the water is crystal clear and the sun is well and truly up then anchor up on the edge of the main channel anywhere between Gunnamatta and lilli Pilli get a burley trail going and you should attact a few bream.



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thank you

i will definately give that a go

about towra fishing sandflats

which tide is best go go?

max high tide? few hrs before end of run in?

everytime i go the water is clear and i can always see the bottom

does that matter to a certain extent or only fish when its overcast?

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