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Need Luring Combo


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Hi All im looking for a luring combo not sure on what to buy looking at Shimano and Daiwa 1500,2000's

and not sure on the rod bit new at this! just for estuary and freshwater creek fishing! only want 1 pce rod thou not keen on 2 pce or retractable. give me a post and let me know what you recommend! 8shan8 :1fishing1:

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Firstly you a governed by the $$$$, go for a 2500 series be it a Daiwa, Shimano etc, then a Shimano Rack Raider style of rod, plenty to choose from, all the brands make them, then some 4-8lb braid, some 4-8lb flurocarbon leader. These little reels usually come with 2 spools so you can put different weights of line on. Then you need a few different weighted jig heads,(only light though 3, 5,7 grams) and go knock yourself out at the soft plastic section, only about 10,000 to choose from I pesonally like the Berkly range. Hope this helps a bit. Your local pro tackle shop will help you out as well...

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Hey mate,

Look as a entry level combo to start with thats not excessively expensive, bang for your bucks too i would consider a Daiwa regal 2500, they have everything a nice reel should and you get pretty good value reel around the $100 mark daiwa offer a 12 month warranty with this aluminium reel and its got all the daiwa features.

Rod wise i would be looking at a shimano catana 6-7ft 1 piece these retail for around the $70 mark

Dont go splurging on Daiwa Sensor braid or anything for your first plastic combo, i would consider the old fireline 4lb at around $30 for 120m it ample for your type of estuary fishing.

Otherwise go see Rebecca & Tony at Fishfinder Bait & Tackle


ALL UP = $200

Hope this helps


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