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Hawksberry May 24th


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Hi all, I hope that others had a better trip than myself. we left Bathurst on Friday arvo and got to Sydney obout 7pm. turned onto the M7 Stopped at Thornliegh for feul and noticed that the wheel on the trailer was a bit wobbly?? :05: It is about 8pm and ye I have done a wheel bearing, lucky that the wheel didnt come right off , as when I jacked it up it fell off. :thumbdown: Wel, I rang a 24 hr mobile mechanic who said he could fix it at a cost of $220 call out fee plus parts..If he couldn't it will be free..

By this time I have also discouvered that I have left some of my gear at home in the rush to leave..So I waited. He arived and had a look said he needed to get some parts .. He left and rang me 1 hour later and said he could not help me tonight. So camp in car till morning...repco open at 8am..I noticed in the morning that the mechanic took my hub with him.. so now I need bearings and a hub. :1badmood:

Well I got the parts and headed off again..By the time we got the boat in the water it was about 11am Saturday.. We fished the following Juno, Lion island,flint and steel, the rail bridge, Broklyn Marina and west end.. NO serious fish were caught.. Packed up and went home 12am midnight saturday .

We did land ...........

3 Bull rays

25 catfish

4 ells

1 wobbegong

2 20cm bream

I had a laugh and a relaxing day on the water and thats the main thing..... :05:

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