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2000 Posts For Roberta


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Well said Dave !! Roberta is our eyes and ears on the mid north coast and Fishraider has a real asset in this little woman. Congratulations Roberta happy birthday for tomorrow !!! We know you will always keep up the good work up there at Forster and everywhere else you go, and thank you for the great tips and letting us no where the fish are. :thumbup::thumbup:

Cheers to a real fisherman and a fine lady. :beersmile:

Jewgaffer :thumbup:

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Aw shucks - just doin' what I enjoy!!! Nice to know you guys enjoy it too!!

You can't take your info with you when you go, so spread it around a bit!! :) I must admit, I noticed I was up around the 2000 mark last week, then completely forgot about it! :1yikes: Must have been the excitement of the comp .... & to throw a birthday in as well!!!!

Thanks guys


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