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Port Mac

mick r

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Hi, Raiders i'm off to port mac this sunday and was after some info on a few spots to throw some lures ???????????????????????????????????

any info will be reatly appericated

(no :wife: honey i will ot go fishing whe we go to portmac not me :1tongue::1tongue: )

Cheers Mick :1fishing1:

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Hi Mick

give limeburners creek ago some very nice oyster growth there but be carefull its 4 knots all the way and it is shallow in places try the brigde right on high tide you should get a couple there i did on a bass minnows in olive pearl they have some weird oyster rackes up there not the wash board type there all different kinds try the gold scoripins i had some sucess on them ,,,give the canals near panthers up there is worth ago got a few there but only small but as they say were there is small these big i used a brown craw dad in there,, maria rivers is worth ago to some nice struchtor up there.. if u got time u will go past it on the way up there is kendall u will go over the bridge before u hit kew i got bustered up there around the bridge pylons by a monster , :ranting2: ,its a part of the camden haven river give it ago with surface lures but only cicada fizzars in black , there are locally made up there in port but you mite have them in the shop ,they had a big cicada hatch up in kendall thats why they are working are well good luck and have fun.

Cheers Dave C :1fishing1:

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Hi Mick,

Just spent the last two weeks at Port Macquarie. It blew a gale most days so outside charters were cancelled for all but one day (guess which day I didn't have a reservation). They managed about two boxes of dollies up to 8kg but the bottom fishing was very slow.

I fished the river most days from the shore. The best place was Blackmans Point. Its a couple of kilometers up river and on the tourist maps. Its a large sand spit at the junction of the Hastings and Maria rivers. Its chockers with nippers and lots of boats pull in there to pump bait.

I spun lures at low tide and got bream, whiting and flathead every time. Best fish was a 62cm flathead. Used both soft plastics and hardbodies. The standout lure was an SX40F in gold/black. The Hastings river side of the flat yielded the most fish.

The sandflat is positioned so that a nor'easter puts the wind at your back and you can do 50 metre casts with light lures.

One thing to watch while wading is the stingrays. Had a couple of close encounters in thigh deep water. Most of them just move away but every now and then one buries down and stays put.

I also spun the canal alongside Settlement City shopping centre with SPs. Both trips yielded flathead but nothing else. Also took some flathead by wading the sand flats near Pelican Island (look to your right as you drive past Panthers Club).

Previous years have yielded good bream on live bait at the Co-op wharf but this year all we got were babies. Previous years have also yielded trevally on SPs from this area but nothing this year.

The locals recommend Limeburners creek as THE place to spin for bream but say its a boat option only.

Hope you have a good trip. Looking forward to reading the report when you get back.



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