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Botany Bay Fires Up.......


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Hi Peoples,

Just wanna get a quick report to you, even though it was saturday, but i reckon the fishing will pretty consistant for the next few weeks.

Headed off to Botany....again... after our wicked session on the flathead two weeks ago we wanted to chase some other species and get a few fillets of lizard for the table as well. We hit the water at 530am and flicked the usual bridge spots for jew but once again, as has been the norm recently, we came up empty handed. After a brilliant start to the year on sp caught jew, we have been experiencing a dry spell the last two months?????

In our efforts though my uncle landed a very healthy tailor of around two kegs which put up a good fight. On 8lb leader he was lucky it was lip hooked! In the usual banter that occurs in a boat my uncle was teasing me about not having caught a luderick on sp's. Well in true murphy's law style an hour later i hooked and landed a nice little scrapper. In your face uncle.....never underestimate fate LOL.

We ventured off to find better fish and looked around the Brighton area. We landed a few resonable lizards but nothing to brag about....good fillet size fish. They were a little thin so we moved on again to the no boat zones along the runways. We tied on massive jigheads and 5-6inch minnows and hoiked the lures as close to the runways as possible. I was putting some serious jig action into my retrieve, so much so i have had a pain in my shoulder all weekend. Honestly sometimes i was ripping the lure straight off the jig head. Fact was this was producing the best results. Dad was doing a subtle retrieve and caught a couple flathead but my manic jiggin was drumming up all kinds of fish.

For a two hour period we were connected to big tailor, scrappy little trevs, pesky bream and some real decent flathead. It was no surprise to see the others in the boat strating to put some effort into thier retrieves as well. It just seemed the order of the day.

All up i reckon we landed over 30 flathead with 1 over 60 and 1 over 70(all but 10 released), 20 odd tailor....all well over legal(but all released), half dozen trevs , a few bream and a lone blacky.....now thats fishing for ya. Lovin may in the bay!





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:thumbup: Mate good read first up Monday morning as I log on again thinking how good would it be to be out on the bay as opposed to the office oh well have to wait to the weekend again I guess.. Great catch as well I might add, I too fished the bay on Saturday and probably had the hardest session this year 1 Bream just on legal, I decent flounder and no Trevs?? yet the week before I could have caught them all day!

Was it the conditions after 7 as it was like a glass lake out there and very little current.. dunno but you catch shows they're still out there! well done

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I think that fish are always available in the bay. The trick is to move around till you find em. We caught a few lizards in our first spot and it would have been easy to stay and persist, maybe the fishing may have improved who knows, but our experience suggeted to move on to better concentrations of fish. Same with our second spot. We hit a few lizards as well but felt they were a little too far apart to be schooling.

In the end our 3rd spot produced what we were looking for. Good healthy concentrations of fish that were aggresive. Sometimes though it doesnt work out that way! As they say some days are diamonds.....

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