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Hi raiders,

I'm looking into a YFT session to browns or other spots on a charter and wanted some of your advice on which charter you guys would recommend.

We're a team of about 5 die hard fishos and want hard action not just a cruisy day.

We're sydney based so anything from the bay to the harbour pick up is perfect

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Thanks swordfisherman,

I can't beleive i didn't see this post. Are there any other trips coming up that you may know of?

We're a team of 5 fishos.


If thats the case we have at least one boat already full with one other angler already showing interest

I will contact both sponsors and make another social day for 18 anglers :biggrin2:

You must look around the Site thoroughly as there is a wealth of info contained in the forums from all members and Sponsors :thumbup:

Cheers Stewy

I have just spoken with Tony Davis from Fishfinder Charters and he will organise another tuna trip asap

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