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Here is my next purchase. Local Jap Model 3000 HG Stella.

275 grams, 11kg of drag and a 5.8 gear ratio.

Looks the goods!! :1prop:

Bit of an overkill for Cephalopods wouldn't you say Ceph? :pokey:

Seriously, what are you targeting and what rod and line will you be using?

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We get some pretty big Squid!!!! :1prop:

Seriously though, I will use it for everything from Luderick and Surgeons to Flatties and Kings...

Don't know the dollars yet. I should find out later today.. who cares though!!! Just buy buy buy....... :thumbup:

You can never have too much gear!! :biggrin2:

Don't tell the :wife: ... lucky all Stellas sort of look the same!

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