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Even The Dudes At Work Are Eating Tuna Today For Lunch.......


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What have you fellow raiders done to me?

With all these yellowfin reports, great rods for sale and a desire to get back into gamefishing.....

Last week, some of you might have seen Vince's post regarding a topend jig rod. Saturday avro I went around a picked it up, WHAT A BEAST!!

Sunday comes, I read all the reports of fin.....

Few hours later I have to make a call to Glen on Billfisher but he was out and only msg bank....


About 8pm on Sunday I get a green light!!

A few phone calls but with such late notice I couldn't find anyone to join me for the day.

Oh well I'm going tuna fishing in the morning by myself!

The boys on Billfisher are tops!

Full recomend them to all.

After a short brief and what my goals were(catch one on a popper and one on a jig) we set a coarse for browns.

Yeah we got em but cool stuff, That jig rod, on the third drop loaded up with a 45kg fin hooked on a 300gm knife jig, and BIG drag, 1 run of about 20m and the rest of the fight was a crazy tug-o-war from one rear corner of the boat to the other, 6min later we have a gaff in it and she is mine!

Thanks Vince, cracker rod dude!


Didn't get my popper fin but hey, great reason to go again!

here are a couple more shots of the day..

Me hooked up on a cubed tuna


We kept 2 for the table.


Close up.


Well there you go, just another fin session out there, if you haven't done it before, get your ass into gear and get out there!



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I knew it :( Greg rang me and said you wanna go fin fishing in the morning and was on bloody night shift.

Great fish mate and you sure are giving that fin a good work out on the rod :yahoo:

I need more sick leave :074:

Cheers Stewy

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i can feel your eagerness!

if you had posted a msg to share a charter i would of put my hands up, i can't bloody wait till 22nd june.

i'm even tempted to put my name down for the 7th, but i'm going to give others a chance. if that doesn't fill i'm going

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Thanks guys!

Awesome day and worth every cent IMO.

Hey Tony

Tuna on the Breville Health Grill out the back with a bit of salad. They eat well in my shop!

Adam, yeah on the knife jig. look for them on the sounder or if they look a bit fussy in the trail throw something fast past them and they will nail it. I was dropping it down 80m and crank it like hell back. Just don't run a to heavy drag at the start, when they hit it at speed it's a bit freaky holding onto a $2k outfit with zero stretch! I'm still sore from playing tug-o-war with the buggers on short rods trying to steer them away from the boat when they circle on 90lb braid.....

Oh man I can't wait to do it all again!

This time I hope to get one on a popper!


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