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Fishing On Tuesday Morning Inner Reefs!


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Got given time to go fishing in the morning since the roof we were building wasn't going to be delivered till late arvo.

FISHING TIME :thumbup:

Woke up at 5am and was putting the boat in the water around 5.30pm, us and other boat were the only guys out there on our end of the coast, and they had a hard time crossing the bar in their short boat.

Quick minute or so drive to the nearest reef situated only a km or 2 offshore and pulled in lots of yakkas and barracuda, i think you guys call them pike down south? Was a madfest. :biggrin2:

Then headed out for a tiny bit east and anchored down at our usual spot where we got bitten off by something rather large last time. Was aiming to go to further out but we had some luck so we stayed.

Got the usual sweet lip emperors/bream/squires.

Chucked out our livies 2 yellow tail at back of boat and began setting up our bottom bashing and free floating rigs throughout the length of the boat.

While i was letting down my first bottom bash rig, one of the yellow tail gets nailed and i scream im on.

Chaos ensues and the others are scrambling for the gaffs/landing nets!

10 minutes later i pull up my first ever large mackerel a 80ish cm spotty about 6-8kgs.


Caught on 30lb mono - 60lb trace, 30lb mono stinger (bitten off lol) - Bait: yellow tail.

Overhead penn (wouldn't have a clue what setup it is as dad got it for himself 10+ years ago, and it's bloody awesome)

Shortly after we continued burlying heavily and i saw something follow my bait up from the bottom and then back off a bit.

Few minutes later Adam my mate is onto 1 and we land a 60cm spotty safely!

(didn't get a pic of this one, but theres a few on his phone!)

It went quiet for a bit since all our lines were out of the water for the 2nd mackerals run.

Continued fishing for a bit and funnily enough i filleted a barracuda up floated him off the boat about 10 metres and let it sink to 50ft.

Got a massive hit and i try and hook the fish, but fail miserably...

Winding in all disappointed and im watching the bait 2-3ft from being pulled out of the water and another spotty mackeral races up nails the bait in one go and my okuma rod screams in pain :tease:

Off it races again and shortly after we get another spotty 70-75cms ! :thumbup:

Caught on: Baracuda fillet 2 ganged 7/0 hooks on 30lb mono trace/20lb braid main line.

On my okuma high speed gear


Trolled for a bit on our bait reef and saw a massive fish like massive. 2metres plus breach the water and make a 2ft + splash, I asked my other mates and they said it wasn't a dolphin, but was slightly silver in colour, no idea what it was, but i dont think my gear could handle it! :wife:


There is our boat in the background the long yellow one :yahoo:

And me holding my 2 spotty mackeral, got so much fish to eat now i dished it out to the family, and now a few more people wana come out fishing!

:yahoo: Can't wait to go out again, I WAS SURPRISED THE MACKERAL WERE STILL ON

Thought the mackies were a summer fish, as we get mass spanish here in summer but havn't had the gear or boat requirements to land them!

Now we are set and learning and ready to go!


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