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Hawkesbury Flatty Session

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sorry this report is a bit late but better late than never!

headed out for a session on the flattys sunday arvo to a favourite spot of mine near the road bridge. this spot always seems to produce right on dusk. well got their and nothing until just after dark and in the space of 10 minutes picked up 4 flattys between just legal 37cm and plate sized 60cm. was after a feed so was happy with this. also caught a few bream and another undersized flatty which where all returned.


flatty hunter.



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Good to know that there is fish in the Hawkesbury! wish i had that sort of luck there. Mate thats a top feed... on top of that u actually managed to get a decent catch of what u were targetting! 1st of all u gotto be proud of that, and so u should be coz u obviously know what ur doing! Its awesome wen u get a certain place figured out and know it like the back of ur hand... Im like that with my local river... wish i could say the same for the other estuaries!

mate still plenty of fish left in the hawkesbury.......... just gotta know where to find em......... :1prop:

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