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Sydney Harbour


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Two weekends ago I took the kids into Sydney Aquarium on a Saturday arvo.

Mixed feelings about seeing all those awesome Bass, barra, toga's, kings, Sharks, snaper, bream and even a massive lone GT couped up in tanks but watching them sitting in stalking positions under structure ready to pounce gives you insight into their natural world.

But outside of all the tanks and cracking fish as i walked over the bridge to the seal enclosure my jaw nearly hit the ground. I saw about 50 of the biggest blue nose bruiser bream i have ever seen. No word of a lie they all would have been 38 cm to 50 cm.....It was unbelievable....and what i would have given to throw a popper at them. There is no way you could ever get in there in boat or even yak for that matter amongst a miriad of massive chains, pilions.

I tried to take some photo's but the pictures don't do these spectaluar creatures any justice at all.



It was at that point I felt i got my moneys worth from my entry fee.

Took a couple of other pics of the fish there too.

A tailor that's mixed it with a shark.


The Lone GT


Dirty big cod


So if you have a wet day or are left with the tackers for the arvo whilst the misses attempts to rack up a second mortgage on the plastic, check out Syd Aquairium not for the fish in the tanks but the Blue noses that lurk around there.

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Those bream are amazing Poddy Trapper. Well spotted.

Now we just need a cunning plan :1prop: to sneak some gear into there, and someone to distract the staff! :yahoo:

The photo of the tailor is great. I think he's lucky to be still swimming!

Thanks for reminding me how great the Aquarium is and that I need to visit again. It's an amazing place and the kids love it too.



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