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Spencer To Road Bridge


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Fishraiders i am after some info on how the area between spencer and the road bridge is fishing at the moment if anyone has any. Its been two weeks since i last fished the area launching the boat at Berowra after work at eight and spending the night there in the cold with not a boat in sight with my son and we both had a ball with the bream drifting the banks in the dark dodging some monster spiders with both of us using hand lines with 5kg line and no sinker and a bucket full of soaked wheat for the burley. Lots of the bream caught are under size but every so often the bite was savage and so was the size of the bream behind them. I hope my son does not read this post cause i would not admit to him that he caught more than me but fork and spoon the 14yr old was on fire with his best fish at 39 and mine at 39half (porky pie). This weekend the boat will be launched at Spencer caravan park on friday arvo with a few drinks with the owner after setting some traps for mud crabs, hope they are not all asleep as yet. Looking forward to all replies on the area mentioned and if your out there this weekend come and say gday. Boat is a blue and white 385 Feather craft built in the year i was born 42years ago with a new 15hp Mercury outboard that im still running in. JV646N JOHNNO

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