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Gdcalmer Does Very Well On Her Own!


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Hi Guys

Wendy & I hit the lake again yesterday - we were out for 7 hrs! Didn't seem like it tho! Glorious day ... looked a bit threatening after lunch, but no rain! The tide times seem to be way out tho - we thought the bottom of the tide would be about 11.30-12pm but it didn't turn till after 1pm! Next time we'll go closer to the bottom or top of the tide!

We stayed wholly in the Breckinbridge Channel & fished both sides of it. This time, Wendy did all the guesswork herself - where to fish, what depth, which weed or cabbage & she did brilliantly!!! She also downsized to a shorter rod & found it much easier to handle.

She's on!


She ended up with 3 really nice fish & put lots back. Also had missed downs as well, but she is a fish magnet!!


check out the girth of this 2nd fish! Really Fat!!


They were taking cabbage on the 'out' tide & weed on the in tide!

I managed 3 nice fish which are destined for the smoker


On the way home, I dropped in on fellow Fishraider Jason & his wife, who is staying round the corner from us. He has been out on the water every day & heads home one Mon. Bet he is out there now!

Contact Jason for the really top accomodation he got !!!



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well done Wendy :thumbup:

i bet you felt like a champion getting success from your own decisions of where/what etc.....

it would be a real confidence booster for sure.....

Roberta as usual youve done well and graduating wendy into the dark art would of put a smile on your dial i bet....

7hrs in a yak :wacko: big effort .... something i couldnt do thats for sure...

have you noticed if they are spawning there yet or just introducing themselves in big groups :biggrin2: ..

cheers... steve....

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Hi Steve

You can see some real whoppers around the leases, but haven't managed to hook one yet .... then again, I got my hook straightened twice on Monday!! Didn't notice if they were being 'social' or no! :) A buddy got some nice ones off the wall for 3 days, then none since! Haven't noticed the big schools yet - I reckon another couple of weeks & they should be everywhere. July-Sept is the hot time up here, altho you can get some most trips. Some boaties have been bagging out up the lake, but I can't be bothered going that far in the yak! :)

If it is a comfy yak, it is easy to stay out that long!! Let the tide take you up & back, just small corrections with the ping pong bat (instead of the paddle) to keep you on track! Just moseying around, taking our time ... If ever looking for a yak, make sure you 'try it' for at least 4hrs in one stint before you buy it - some seats are very uncomfortabe & kill your back!

Funny thing is, I'd been in the Hobie for the last 10 trips & whenever I wanted to move yesterday, I kept trying to pedal with my legs!!! Forgot I was in the manual yak again! :)



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Good to see Wendy do well on her own Roberta. It's all the good teaching no doubt about that :thumbup:

What size rod did Wendy go down to for the kayak? I've got quite a few fast action extra lite 4-6lb yankee ugly stiks that really manhandle bream and even salmon. Roberta, do you reckon they would be too short for boat fishing blackfish up there, around Barclay's oyster leases etc being only 4'6" in length?


jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Hi Jewgaffer

The only reason I can see that we use really long rods off the rocks is to hold the fish out there long enough, to keep them away from the rocks (or they bust you off) whilst we get the equally long net out to net them! I can see no reason why a shorter rod wouldn't work anywhere else ..... so long it has the 'bendiness' to act as a shock absorber & you have a long handled net to lift the fish from the water. (How far is it from the waterline to your deck??) Never lift your blackie out on the line unless running quite heavy leaders - between 12-15lb leaders & at least 20b main line. My Black Queen is a short one about 5ft 6" - the 4ft 6" could be a bit short - but try it! You'll soon find out!

I think Wendy's rod was about 7 or 8ft? She will no doubt enlarge on that! It has a nice nibble tip that acted really well as the shock absorber & had no difficulty subduing the bigger fish!

Around the leases, you just need to use slightly stronger leaders & main line (at least 10-12lb) & always have the drag done up & be prepared to skull drag the fish away from the lease or else they will skunk you on the oyster covered structure. In the yak, if they can take line from your reel, they will go under the yak & back to the structure & still get off! :1badmood:

Just bought a yak for Keith ...... just may have to take it out & try it in the lake tomorrow ..... I wonder if he wants to come along as well?? :) :)


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Well done Wendy... when will we see some posts from you? You're allowed to brag when you catch fish like that.

Looks like you had a great day Roberta. Is there a particular reason why that really fat fish is so dark? Is it a resident from inside the estuary while the others are from closer to the ocean or something?

I love the photo of Wendy playing the fish.

Cheers, Slinky

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Thanks Slinky,I still carn't get the smile of my face :1prop:

Those blackies can really test your ability to be pacient,and have confidence in you tackle.

The fish I was bringing in in that photo seemed to take forever to land,thats when you know your testing your abilities,and it helps when you have a great mate behind you steadying you down and reminding you to tier the fish out before you attempt to net him, she is a pretty good photographer to.

When your having as much fun as we were Steve 7 hours just flys by :1prop::1prop::1prop:

The rod I was using Jewgaffer was a J.W. VECTOR SERIES 111. 8' 6' SUPERTIP I bought it years ago when I was landbased,found it to soft for that but perfect out of the yak for blackies.

I spent the first half of the day modifying the little red yak you were kind enough to lend me Roberta

Then I natually had to go out and test everything, a couple of tweeks were needed,but alas no fish to be found :thumbdown:

Carn't waite for the next lesson :1fishing1:

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Well done girls, nice fish and just one question, I dont know a lot about Luderick so tell why the fish at the bottom dosen't seem to have the vertical bars, why is this ....

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hi wendy

that rod looks good loaded up , nice blackie and bream rod :biggrin2:

you cant get a better teacher than roberta

with that length rod try extending your net handle it may be easier to land them

what does gdcalmer stand for if you dont mind me asking

ray r

blackie sripes are camopharge . theybreed in the zostera weeds which are vertical i think they are like squid

i have caught them over sand and they are very light , over weed beds very dark

proberly hiding from predertors like jewfish

peter :1fishing1:

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Well done Wendy - nice blackies there..

Have the blackfish started to congregate near the warf of the fish coop yet. I go up this time every year

for work and walk along the borad walk near the shops and always see some monster blackfish there in numbers lurking on the edge of the weed and sand.

I have seen people fishing for them but they dont bite.

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Hi Pacemode

I have tried a couple of the wharves near the co-op & caught a couple of fish - the big ones haven't really come into the system (or on the bite) just yet! You can usually get a feed tho. Any of the boats along the jetties are usually holding fish. Very frustrating when they don't bite tho! :(

Wendy & I went out yesterday for another 7 hrs ..... we got a bit wet here & there but had our wet weather gear, so it wasn't too bad. The fish were a bit hit & miss tho - tried the main channel & got lots of downs & throwbacks then headed back to the channel to try our 'known' spots. I hooked into 2 nice ones & got busted off by a beautie! :( New Trace & it busted below the swivel knot! I would have loved to have landed that one! I hardly even 'struck' & the power of it taking up the line snapped the trace! He has a bit of bling in his mouth now :)

We went down to our 'other' spot & didn't catch anything else! The old adage .... don't leave fish to find fish rang true!! :(

Wendy had fun 'primping up' my yak!!! :1yikes:




Where is the Turbo gear stick??

She will have fun when she gets her own!! We missed out on one for her last week - at a garage sale, it went for $300! :( I have some spies keeping an eye open for her! :1prop:

If the weather isn't too bad, we will try from the jettiies tomorrow .... perhaps try near the bridge in the yaks if the weather fines up :)



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Hi peter.

gdcalmer ,aka good calmer is the name of my 435 Quintrex Coastrunner.

There is a saying that if you are a good person duing this life and true of heart you will be rewarded in your next life,hence good calmer......but if you are a bad person you will receive bad calmer in next life. Something like that anyway.

Fishing in my boat on a quiet treelined river in calm water is when I'm at my happiest..... :1fishing1:



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