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went fishin off stanwell park on Sat and although the fishin wasnt too hot we came across 2 humpbacks playn around ,here's 1 I thought you might enjoy :1yikes: Have a few others but can someone tell me how to reduce the attach space so I can add more for you all to enjoy


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Hey Pigpen that is a great shot, I saw a small Humpback while fishing on the weekend too. I use a program called HIGH QUALITY PHOTO RESIZER you can get it free from the internet. You can see my pics in the GENERAL PICTURES section...

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Nice pcs of them whales :thumbup:

However I wouldnt feel comfortable having something so big

leaping out of the water near my boat.

I have had a whale swim towards my boat and then under it

by only a few feet in Botany bay a few years back, it then played

around with a Zodiac tender that was tied to the Maritime boat that

was beside us. We made the Telegraph paper the next day for that one.


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