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Nz Kingies/dory/snapper


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Hey fellow Raiders,

As this is my first post, i want to start off by saying that YOU GUYS ROCK..! i been on this site for ages, reading every post and all the replies... so good to see everyone uniting and sharing their experiences and all the encouragement is phenomenal! (fishraider is now my homepage!!!)

This report dates back to Dec 2007 (ignore the date on the pics.. wasnt set up correctly) in the bay of islands NZ. I took my wife and brother on a charter (Captain Bucko) for some king fishing...!!

we started off gathering some slimy mackeral to put in the bait tank, then went out to about 40 metres of water, in hope of some Kingies...

we dropped the slimies and waited... 5 mins in, we were all on! we had to put the rod between our legs and use out body weight to keep the rod from going in! (either the kingies were strong or we're a bunch of pantsies...)

we managed to land a few john dory as well (awesome eating), and my wife pulled in a nice snapper..! we also cut up one of the kingies there and then, with some soy sauce and some wasabi! phenomenal!

all in all, an awesome day... if anyone thinks of going to the bay, definately recommend Bucko! top bloke...

enjoy the pics!

In peace,


some more pics...









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:1welcomeani: to the site, Kiro, and what a report to open your account with!

Some great hoods and terrific dory amongst that lot. Congrats to all involved :thumbup:

Look forward to a new report from you soon!


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Great fish Kiro :thumbup: and :1welcomeani: to the site.

NZ is definately on my wish list for a fishing trip,my father-in-law is lucky enough to go over a couple of times a year for"business meetings".He always brings back photos of the fish he catches to rub it in.



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Thanks for all your replies raiders!! much appreciated..

yeh NZ is definately a fishing hotspot..! would recommended it to anyone..

our beloved sydney does alright though... bit harder to find the big ones, but they're there nonetheless..!!

im heading up to hawks nest for the long weekend, and just bought a new sportsmancraft.. hopefully i'll be back with some good reports for everyone..!

happy fishing raiders!! you guys all rock!!

in peace,


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