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Forster Report

Jason Scerri

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G'day all,

Well just returned from a great week up at Forster. So many racks to fish and not enough time to do so. Im only a newby with this SP fishing and this was to be my 1st attempt at fishing them. Managed to get out on the lake a few times up there. What a great waterway. Dolphins were seen everyday. And boy they seem big when you are only in a little rig and they come right next to you. Great times.

Alot of the time was just spent motoring around and picking likely spots, getting my bearings and a feel for the place. Cant wait to get back there for another fish. Since stocked up with many more lures and colours that would suit the clear waters there a bit more I think.

Well I did manage to get a fish on SP so thats my 1st goal achived. Didnt do to flash but was still great to be up there and trying it all out. Managed to get 4 x Bream with the best going 32cm and my wife managed a flathead around keeper size but released anyway.

Roberta was great to meet you up there. Thanks for popping in to say hello. Congrats to Wendy and yourself. Managing a few nice fish there, well done.

The accomodation was great. Full ocean views from our 2 story duplex. Big balcony, immaculate modern place in a very nice area. Unreal for $320 for 7 nights. Cheaper than the caravan parks. Will certainly be back up there.

Cheers Jas!



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Congratulations on snaring your first bream on SP's Jason :thumbup: The first one is always the hardest.

A flattie is always a nice bycatch when targetting breambos. Damn, I REALLY need to get my backside into gear and check out Forster! :drool:


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Hi Jason

Congratulations on your first bream on sp! Looks a good fish, too! :) Stick with it & don't take bait with you!!

That flat was the bargain of the year!! Just around the corner from me, too! :)

So Glad to hear you enjoyed your Forster stay - sorry I got your dates wrong!! Next time, we must get together ..... but I am a jinx in boats - much better in yaks or land based! :(

You certainly had the best of the weather! Been raining & cold since you left!

See you next time



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