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Fly Fishing Out Fit

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hi all i wanna give this fly fishing ago will be targeting bass bream and trout got no idea where to start any help at all will be great dont want to spend a fortune incase i give up pretty easily which im known to do so even a second hand set up would do if anyone has one they want to sell

thanks mick

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how much many do you not want to spend?

I was like you and bought a cheapy of ebay and that was just the start of it all.

I know have 4 rods, 4 reels, a million flies, waders, boots and spend every other weekend out west chasing trout that I hardly ever catch.

And love it

For bass fishing I would think a 4 or 5 weight rod at 8-8'6 foot long should be OK, this size rod could be used for trout as well as bream, flathead, whiting etc.

I have seen gillies combos in BCF for around $160. that looked OK.

Make sure you rod is a medium action rod not a slow action rod.

Just my opinion

good luck

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G'day Breamhntr

Flyfishing..... once you begin is the insatiable itch that you just cannot itch; it is probably one of the most addictive things I have ever done.

For beginners I purchased a pfluger 9ft 5wt from my local tackle store (complete with reel line and tippet) for around $120 this I found to be an extremely versatile wt as it caught me everything from Bass and Yella belly in SEQ to Bream, Whiting and Flathead in Sydney and the NSW South Coast.

I then went into a Flyfishing specialty store in Sydney 'Pro Angler' in Drummoyne where the finer art to the sport was explained to me.

I suggest you go to a flyfishing Pro as opposed to a mega tackle store; here you can ask all of the questions that you want and will be guided in the right direction and not necessarily just in the direction of the cash register.

The 5wt is a fairly versatile wt it is large enough to throw poppers for Bass and Bream, as you mentioned, and it will still present a delicate dry or wet for trout.

Have a look “on line shopping” and you will be able to pick up some real Cheepie’s; however, “buyer beware” you get what you pay for. I picked up a couple of saratoga rods in 5wt and 8wt for around the $40 mark they do the job but that is about it. Whereas my 8wt Salt Series Stalker is an absolute treat to cast.

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