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Softplastics For Estuary Jewie

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hi guys,

i'm in need of advise in terms of buying sp for jewies. What do you guys reckon is the best make and model for jewie plastics? What's the best retrieve to lure these fishes using sp? In addition to that, what sort of condition is best to fish for these fishes using plastics?

your help is greatly appreciated


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Hi Powersalt,

There are so many spoken variables when fishing lures for Jew, I think musty is right once your in the right location then if you do everything right; correct lures for what baitfish are around, correct action then all you have to do is make sure your knots are done up nice & snug and hold on! :1yikes:

I once had the philosophy the bigger the lure the bigger the fish….not really

If you look at my post in lure fly report you’ll find I was getting soapies from 40-70cm on 7” plastics.

I like to use strong reliable hooks especially the Nitro Saltwater series by Berkley.

These jig heads incorporate an owners hook and they a pretty bloody strong.

I found in my opinion that colour isn’t all that important, it’s more the action you give your plastic. I like to let it sink to the bottom then work your rod tip from the 3 o’clock position to the 12 o’clock position, but when you do it do it in three jerks.

Then as your rod gets to the 12 o’clock position slowly lower your rod back to the tip down (3 o’clock position) but as you do this wind in your slack and then wait a few seconds and repeat the process.

It’s all relative to how the fish are feeding as well. I have been in situation where there is Jew in large schools that won’t touch anything and there has been a time when I have been fishing bream and had a jewie nailed a crab…..

Basically mate use the best gear at the best time & best place and you’re in the zone, local knowledge is very important too.

Jewgaffer is an experienced Jew fisherman and has it nailed, if you have more questions send a personal message to him he will be gladly happy to help.

Happy Fishing :1fishing1:

Cheers Cam



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