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A Day On The Water

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G'day Raiders

It's been a couple of weeks since I have had the opportunity to hit the water but that was remedied today. Rocked up to the boatshed and weather conditions were ideal.


I recently purchased a great little Symetre reel from Slinky, which I had re-spooled with 4lb Crystal, and was eager to test it out. First target for the morning was flathead. Unfortunately they didn't want to play this morning, but something else hammered the turtleback instead.


Have a look at the damage to the tail wrist. :1yikes: This fish looked pretty crook, and although he was released, I think his days might be numbered. It absolutely inhaled the lure, which you can see barely poking out from its throat.


Continued our morning by throwing surface lures at bream. Dene nailed a nice fish (about 35cm) on popper, whilst I was into a great fish, which inevitably rubbed me off against a broken rack. :mad3: Fortunately we were able to retrieve the pencil. Action was very sporadic, although we did have some pretty impressive strikes, mostly without hookup. Dene was into another good fish, but again the racks were our downfall. I had a terrific surface strike on a popper, and lost him after a short battle. Next cast ...


Measured 40cm,and was released to fight another day. Both fish were managed very easily by the Symetre (cheers Tony :thumbup: ). Not a great deal else to report. The weather looks like it will stay like this for the weekend, and there is a good chance Dene and I will have another crack at 'em on Monday. Have a great weekend all!


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Great stuff Hodgey!

That nice sambo must have gone hard even with the bung tail. Bloody beaut whiting as well. Looks in great condition. Shame about the big breambos having their way with you. :1yikes: That's fishing though.

Sounds like a very enjoyable session.

Well done. :thumbup:



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G'day Hodgey,

Nice to see the Symetre has found a loving new home. That whiting's a beaut and it's very lucky you caught it, not me or he'd now be swimming in egg & breadcrumbs instead of salt water. Nice to read the report... thanks mate.

Cheers, Slinky

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Well done Hodgey - talk about a fish magnet!!! I liked the look of that little Symetre as well, but someone b beat me to it!!! Ah well, it went to a good home! :) That 40cm one was terrific - shame about the bustoff, but good you retrieved the lure! :) That sambo was really hungry!

Sounds like a terrific outing - surprised you are still getting stuff on poppers - then again, when out with Wendy the other day, the water temp was almost tepid!

Been wet & dismal here today - managed to get out in the yak yesterday, scouting for weed ..... will try & use it tomorrow :1prop:

Just hope a bit of sun shines thru the gloom over the rest of the weekend!! Can't believe it - a whole year since Keith & I survived the carnage at Stockton Caravan Park last year, when camping there ..... Pasha Bulka also ran aground!! :1yikes:



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Well done Hodgey.

Fair chance the Symetre will be asking to be returned back to Slinky when the water finally warms up again and you start braining blue noses after blue session in almost every popper session!!!!

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Great Session Hodgey! :thumbup:

Yikes! That sambo didnt play with his food did he...... :074:

Now thats a real mans whiting!! Whoa!

Mate your post always keep my hopes up with surface fishing.

Keep up the good work Hodgey!


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