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Patonga 26/1


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Gday All,

Havent posted in a while, but am still regulary viewing the site. Here we go anyway

Hit Patonga today on the day off. Low tide was due to change around 6-6:30pm at our spot, so we fished the usual 3 and 1/2 hours before the change.

We got some poddies for bait fairly easily, but couldnt really convert them into flatties. Only 1 keeper and 2 undersized for 3 people. Lost a real good flatty due to poor hook tying. :1badmood:

Tried the usual array of soft plastics that always seem to work there, but no enquires at all, which had me very puzzled.

Not the best day out, but still cant complain fishing on a wednesday.

Cheers :beersmile:


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G'day Shaun,

Good to see you are still persisting at Patonga mate, despite the poor results.

I was there on Sunday fishing with Dad, and apart from 12 or so sub-legal to 38cm flatties it was pretty ordinary. Didn't keep a single fish as even the legal fish were all just too small to bother with.

I think that the fish have been hit pretty hard over the holidays and would expect things to pick up after school goes back. I am sure the fish are there, it is just a matter of finding them in the right mood.

That said, only a few weeks back I hooked and landed 7 consecutive legal flathead on a pink squidgie fish in the creek. It was good stuff with half of them being legal and 2 nudging 40cm. Maybe it was the stealth approach of the Polycraft that made the difference!! :thumbup:

One thing though mate, what do you do to catch the poddies??? I am keen to give these shot in a few of the good holes in the creek.



P.S. might be up there on the weekend if you are around mate

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when patonga creek is dead walk over to the bch with a number 2 squidgie in ever silver fox or gary glitter and just work your way along the bch. awesome lizards come from here and i only know 1 other person who does this

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The crowds at the caravan park would definately make a difference. Heaps and heaps of kids swimming, making a large amount of noise. :05:

The poddies were caught just on the sand flats as you wade out, about in 20cm of water. :thumbup:

Weekend session sounds allright, maybe on Sunday :thumbup:

I might try that tip for next time tyrone, but I think it may have been dead aswell. Plus there was a million people on the beach aswell. This is the first time Patonga creek has really failed me aswell.



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Gday Guys,

I thought about trying a drift through the front of Patonga the other day, got the lines out but the trawlers dragging back and forth put me off so I packd up and headed out to mouth of brisbane waters.

Do you find that the trawlers affect the fishing in the area as they seem to hit it pretty hard.

Regards POGO

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