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Looking For Harbor Lizards


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post-6655-1213082052_thumb.jpghey raiders hit the heads at 5.30am looking for reds or lizards

made it to the stink pipe and well it was a washing tub gone spaz

headed back in and went to middle head for zip

tryed a few flatty spots near the spit for zip

over to q point or never fail as i call it

berly up big time and would'nt you know it no hooks[to be expected]

any way the plan was berly hard and cast the opposite way

yery slow with only little trevs on the bait gear and pinkys

well right on high tide like clock work 2 good hit and 2 bangos boated[this is'nt a bad thing]

we had been using prawns.gar,pillys

out come the slabs off salted bony we had 4 rod out with 4 dif. baits

the super yakkas showed up and i got side tracked[you know must catch what i can see]

5 in the tank and 1 out wide

now the fun part the salted slab off bony starts heading to manly

not at kingy speed to fast for a bango and not a long run

it stoped dead after 30 feet start to work it in and i'm thinking maybe a big ray

after 5 mins its under th boat little head shake and then that lovely site flatty neil had 3 goes at the net

every time straight down 4 th time lucky it's in the net

neil takes the pics and she's back for ron

did'nt weigh the little lady but it went 720mm and was the first bigflatty i have ever let go

not to shore how i feel about that yet

it died prity much after that a few small flattys and not a touch on the livey

if your heading out tomorrow it may improve on today with the wind change we had good fun slow but good to get out

will post the pics when i work out the new digital cam[may be a while]


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sory for the crappy pic had to chop it up to make it fit

but just down loaded the photo resizeing tool it should be all good know i hope

cheph the only thing i felt watching her swim away was shock that i had done it and later that night hunger lol


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Good on you brickman for letting the breeding machine go. After catching a 96cm model a couple of seasons ago I made a promise to let them go over 70cm too. Just lucky that I have snavelled a few between 60-68cm in the last season or two :biggrin2:

Cheers, Rob

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