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Anyone Heard Of Any Hairtail Caught Yet?


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Ive heard of a few being caught here and there since about a month ago. I didnt think it was worthwhile going for them at that stage but i think it would be now. Try, put in a couple nights might be worth a shot.

Thanks for the info guys, i think ill be giving it a crack on saturday night, see how we go anyways.

Are hairtail any good on the tooth?

i hear that they're quite boney... but haven;t heard much mention of their texture/taste?

i reckon they are ok to eat, pretty boney but definately edible.

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I had a report that they just outside the system & at the mouth atm.

Shouldn't be long now. :biggrin2:



thanks for the feedback mate. a mate of mine and i will be braving these crappy conditions forcasted and do an overnighter in jerusalem bay to give it a go.

will let you guys know how we fare.

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