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Broken Bay 26/1


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well what can i say, i had intented on going out to west reef to try for some snapper and the likes, but as i was passing the northen side of lion island there was huge bird activity so i decieded to troll around the out side of the circle of boats for those bonnies.

and boy was i right. with in minutes i had double hook up of 2 nice bonnies, after both where landed, which i shard when your just 1 guy playing with 8lb line. both lures went out again. for again double hook up. after thjis occured another couple of times i decieded i want to test my skills with 6 lb mono on my little cardif.

landed ALOT of tailor, and i mean alot, biggest for the day was 1.2kg monster :)

also got 1 2 kg salmon sitting right down the bottom, now that was fun on 6lb.

all in all a great day huge amounts of fish caught, cant tell you numbers.

kept 6 bonnie's largest 1 was around 2.5kg ( god there great sport on light tackle )

and 4 of the larger tailor for my grandma :)

had a great day was very tired at the end of it and all i can say is that thank god for 4 strokes didnt even use 20 litres of fuel and my boat is racked and stacked at akuna bay :)

cant wait to get out there tommorrow hope i find them schooling up again :)

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Bonito are top sport on light gear especially when the big fellas are about. A 4kg Bonito on 3kg gear will keep you amused for a while :biggrin2: Good to hear of some decent tailor about the place as well instead of the usual little choppers

Sounds like you had a great day mate.

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yeah it is fun i light gear, but today i lost something that was rather large. hook failure as in they didnt bite good enought.

but i had just landed a 57cm kingie, and this thing waas running twice as fast and high and had alot of wieght i pegged it for a strippy or some kind of tune, would have been good to get a look at it :)

oh yeah also caught another hull of bonnies largest would have been around 3 3.5kg's i'm guessing left scales at home :(

1 kingie

1 cobia

and a crap load of tailor thou they wernt on the surface at all today and if they did show they quickly sank :(

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