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Bass Point Bonito - 30.05.08


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First of all HELLO raiders!!

I was introduce to this site by a member - katsuo. he told me about the site one day at work, we both found out we love fishing, so we figured.. lets go for an early morning bash down south the coming w/e!

and what a day it was!

an absolutely beautiful day to be out next to the water

we left the area at about 7am and headed down south.

we got to hill-60, and at about 9am the first line was out in the water.

i reeled in this baby black fish - i think it was a baby grouper - threw it back and katsuos brother who also came was reeling in these weird looking fish - Rock Cods

we kept trying with no luck so we headed to bass point where we spent most the day flicking lures and spinning pillies on gangs

with a bit of pillies left i decided a few more cast..

as soon as i casted out, it hit the water and as i started retrieving it went BANG and i was on.. crazy fight i thought it was a salmon or a mackeral or something on an electric chair!

after about a minute of drag and adrenalin rush i reeled in my FIRST ever bonito @ 56cm! personal best and first ever caught lol!

i was stoked!

after the photos, katsuo went jigging for squid and got a pretty decent one (didnt take a photo though). so we continued to flick metal lures and retrieving back @ superman speeds and katsuo got a couple 'o hits that he said felt like mackeral.

after i tried a few flicks (my first time with metal lures as well!) i got a hit! and as i was reeling in it felt weird, head shake here, flick there, and it had some weight on it. to my suprise i had snagged a mackeral with the lure on the stomach hahaha, it was about 35cms and in the bag he went for bait for the next trip.

anyways enjoy the photos!






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Surprise that the Bonito's are still hanging around down there at Bass Point. As the waters are getting cold I guess they will be moving up north soon. Probably be the Last bonito I see caught for 2008. but due to global warming you never know how they will move.

Awesome catch! :thumbup:

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Great report mate, good too see u didnt give up after the first spot with no luck.

Im goin too head down there soon and flick some lures around, ive cought salmon down there durning the

summer and am keen too get into them in the winter. :yahoo:

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