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Gold Coast Poor Fishing :(


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Knocked off work early with the intention of preparing the boat for a big Sunday trip with me and 3 other mates, but saw the swell reports and bloody Sydney is sending it's swell up here.

Crossing bar thought it was 2ft but was peaking 3ft+ took 15mins to find a quick path past the breakers.

Caught lots of sweetlip and cod/breams and moved futher out to sea.

Struggling at 18knots though 2-3 metre swell and 30 knot winds we were drenched in our centre console in about 2 seconds.... 7kms later and the bilge pump doing a fair bit of work we arrive at our destination!

Got slaughtered a few times but did not manage to hook up, more sweetlips and moses perch..

Put out a live yaka about 20-25cms ...... the thing was aniliated and we pulled the yellow tail up with just the tail in tact :mad3:

Heading back in cause of decreasing conditions WE PASSED A WHALE

My first ever encounter with a wild whale, he came close to the boat, looked as if he was trying to play with us, whacking his tale up and down and doing jumps.

Was pretty cool

Just wish Nsw would take back their crappy weather :wife:

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