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Joining Lines Of Two Different Strengths

tan the fisherman

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Gday Raiders,

Got a question about joining lines of two different strengths together.

I have a new Shimano BTR650, 300 yards of 50lb Ugly Braid and 125 yard of 80lb Fireline.

I'm trying to set the reel up for beach fishing (small shark and jew) AND for big kings/jew from a boat.

Should I load the reel with the braid first and then join the fireline or vice versa?

Also whats the best knot to join two such lines together? Im thinking Albright

Or is this not a good combo of line/s at all?

Have I got it all wrong?



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Go and buy some monofilament of similar diameter to use as backing and then choose whether you want to use the 50lb braid OR 80 lb fireline as your main line or 'top shot'. I would not use the fireline AND braid together, because I think that is a waste. Then again, I would not use braid on my BTR but that's just me !

Is there any reason at all you want to use both the braid and fireline on the same spool ?

Albright knot will do just fine for the join between the backing and the braid.

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Cool thanks for the advice.. no real reason for the braid and fireline just that I have the two spools lying around

I hate having stuff lying around too .. I would probably buy another reel just to put it on !

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How come no braid on your BTR?

Mono has worked well for me. The main reasons I could think of for using braid are:

1) extra capacity

2) better castability

3) better feel

I don't need any of those for bait fishing, so I have not really ventured to braid for my BTR.

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