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Daiwa Tda 4000 - Which Rod To Use With It?


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Hi all,

I've basically just logged in under my boyfriends username and this is his account. I've signed up under a new name but it won't let me post for some reason.

Hopefully he doesn't check his post history coz I want this to be a surprise.

It's his birthday coming up in less than 2 weeks. I got him a Daiwa TDA 4000 coz it's what he's asked for. I want to make it a better present by teaming it up with a rod. Now I don't know anything about fishing equipment so I need some help from you guys.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to which rod I should get from the same brand?

Thanks in advance.



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daiwa makes a rod thats designed for the advantage series, so thats a good place to start.

Some models you might be interested in:

TD-AA 601 HFS - this is a 6 foot 1 piece rod

or if he's after something longer:

TD-AA 701 MFS - 7 foot 1 piece as well

they retail for around $200 i think, but not too sure. hope that helps!

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The tackle shop I go to has 2 TD Advantage rods in stock. He has the 4 - 8 lbs and the 10 - 17 lbs. EQUIPPED FISHING TACKLE & BAIT ph. no. 97233595. I think he has the best price for this rods

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Hey Bilby,

Do you know what sort of fishing you boyfriend is planning to do with the outfit? fishing with soft plastics... spinning... livebaiting... rock fishing... out of a boat? or maybe what kind of fish he's after.. snapper, kingfish, etc.

That reel would suit a few different rods that would in turn suit different styles of fishing.

If you can, support one of our site sponsors and go in to see either Go Fish or Fishfinder... they'll both help you out with getting the right match for the reel. My local is Go Fish and I know they've got a big range of Daiwa rods to suit the reel (even though I'm always doing my very best to reduce their stock :1prop: ).

Lucky boyfriend!!

Cheers, Slinky

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Thanks heaps for all your suggestions.

My boyfriend has busted me with this post (dammit!!) but I ended up buying one of those 7 foot team daiwa advantage rods which he seems stoked about.

slinkymalinky - he said he's going to use it for small kingfish off a boat.

Thanks again guys!! :)

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