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Fishing Thailand


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gday raiders

am going to the Uk and then Thailand for 2 weeks each at the end of the month :thumbup: Just wonderin what your opinions or experiences of fishing in thailand are.

Will be spending majority of my time in Samui with 4 days in chiang mai and 3-4 in bangkok, are there any charters or day trips anyone could recommend???would love to catch a mekong catfish, sick of the hawkesbury variety :thumbdown:

Thanx Guys


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i used to live over there and i dont think u will get any fishing in bangkok, unless you find some fishing ponds stocked with giant cafish. Again in chiang mai i dont think there is much on and would all be freshwater cos from memory its inland... i think. samui would fish very similar to phuket and i dare say that you would definately still be able to get sailfish over there amongst a myriad of tunas, trevs etc

Just do some google searches and you should come up with something!

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