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Middle Harbour


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Hi all,

Went out for a quick few hours fishing up to low tide.

Lots of bait fish around, fishfinder showing huge balls of fish.

Pulled in a million pinkies, and a couple of yakkas. Put a yakka down for zero.

Three rods out one with livie second with squid strip and third with a pillie cube.

Wouldnt you know it the overhead with 60lb braid and a pillie cube goes ballistic and this bugger is heading south again towards my mooring.

Pulled back and tightened the drag, hes slowing but the bugger makes it past the mooring and snap. :mad3:

Lost him and the braid was severley frayed above the sinker.

That was one nice hood that added to the piercings in his lip. That must make him a punk hood.

Good to get a squeal and bend out of my rig. I am going back for more soon as!!!!!!!!!!


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Absolutely right people, i have been hooking em but not getting them to the boat.

I fished this area for ten years and only been busted off on a mooring 2 or 3 times. Two of them have been recently. Goes to show the caliber of fish in the Harbour in the last two years.

Getting sick of big hits and runs then fxxxing it up for one reason or another.

As Dicko said " its was a rush"

There is always consolation in :beersmile:


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Mmmm.. sometimes there is not much you can do. We hooked a few unstoppables a couple of months ago. 50lb braid, 80lb leader, locked up drags and hands on the spool..... no match for the big King in reasonably shallow water (20-30m) and nearby structure. Some say that you should back right off and see if he swims into open water. Easier said than done IMO.

At least you got a taste Mike!! :1prop:

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Bad luck again Mike, you will get one sooner rather than later. Sounds like the leader went on you? Beef it up a bit if you want to maxime that 60lb stuff and land a hoodlum or bag a big jewie. You are in the running, that's for sure.


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Nice one by the sounds of it... sure it weren't a Jew?

Hi Brett,

Mate it couldve have been a jew, hard to tell as it was all too quick. Didnt get any head shakes unlike the hit and miss the week before.

Went out yesterday for a couple of hours again at low tide but it was dead.

Cheers mate.

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Geez Zenman As Humsey said it's going to happen to you soon, in a real big way I reckon especially you doing these quick two hour bottom of the tide afternoon sessions.

Mike I can picture it now, anchor eased down quietly, first rod in the water with a dull expression, and then bang your'e away before the bait hits the bottom :1yikes:

I reckon this next jew of yours will be so big that you'll have to break the rule and launch a stern anchor just to keep you and your rod out of the flybridge on one the moored cruisers up there, :lol: that's if the jew doesn't pull you into Andrew flying around in circles with his hair on end looking for an improbable escape route :074:

Cheers mate

jewgaffer :1fishing1:

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Nice to meet you yesterday down at the ramp mate

You too mate, see ya out there on the water.

You know where i hang out for fish so next time you come back in have a look and see if i am jewfishing.


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that's awsome! So much better than no action at all. I think I might hit middle harbour on Sunday if I am trapped inside by the wind (I'm hoping for a Browns mission with a fellow raider).

Do you reckon a king took it? A pillie cube? Sounds like a massive jewie I reckon.

You'll get him next time mate.

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